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Five Cooking options in One


The All-Pro® backyard grill's ability to cook at high temperatures allows you to sear the flavors in. Adjust the temperature down to finish cooking, which allows the flavor and juices to be “locked in” to the meat.


The All-Pro® backyard grill's ability to hold steady temperatures all day allows you to roast foods slowly and evenly. The ceramic heat deflector provides indirect heat, so there is no need to flip or turn food items.

Smoking / Barbecue

The All-Pro® backyard grill's ability to seal tightly enables you to slowly flavor your meat and hold in moisture. Your food is juicier and even more delicious. For the serious barbecue add mesquite, hickory, maple, or apple wood chips for extreme flavor. Put your food on and go. Enjoy the irresistible flavor of smoke!


Anything baked in your kitchen oven can be prepared in your All-Pro® backyard cooker. Ideal for bread, rolls, cookies, pies, cakes, casseroles and even pizza. They all come out evenly baked and perfect. Keep the heat out of the kitchen!


The All-Pro® pizza stone can help you prepare the perfect New York style crispy crust pizza or thick Chicago style crust.

Get fired up with your All-Pro®grill!